1. Anonymous: that person is joking right? all those singer that he said were 'good' have pretty empty lyrics in some songs, i bet that person stars dancing when wiggle by jason derulo plays

    LITERALLY LIKE TRY IT AGAIN BOO okay demi has some pretty nice/meaningful lyrics i ain’t even gonna front BUT THE REST OF THEM HAHAHAHA THEY’RE YOUR BASIC WHINY WHITE GIRL ANGST SONGS NEXT PLEASE 

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    As a songwriter i listen to lyrics. Lyrics say everything. I think that’s why lorde Taylor swift demi lovato and lana del rey are perfect. Bc unlike selena gomez or ariana grande or iggy azalea. They actually have meaning and purpose and focus to their words. Not like oh im horny come n get nanana nananana….

    It’s none of my business but aren’t most of Lana’s songs about sex


    Ariana has one maybe two(depends on how you interpret it) songs about sex on her second album that consists of 17 songs all together, 12 songs on her debut album, none of them have anything to do with sex, 4 songs on a Christmas ep that has nothing to do with sex, and one single from 2011 that, if you look past the bubble gum pop of it, has a very meaningful lyrics. If you actually listen to ANY of Ariana’s songs, the lyrics are very beautiful  and meaningful. Maybe it don’t mean shit to you because you don’t care about love which is what she generally writes/sings about; but if you look past your own experience or lack of with love you’ll hear that she’s giving you such an intimate look into what she’s been through in that department of her life. 

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  5. "What if no one ever falls in love with me"
    — A legitimate thought I have every day (via augustdaisies)
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@bigsean: Reppin the set #FFOE


    @bigsean: Reppin the set #FFOE

  8. Ezria: a summary

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    Lauren for Glamoholic

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